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Oh, so you want to know about the Aurors? Good luck with that… try the Hitwizards or maybe even Magical Games and Sports, with your NEWTs. They haven’t lowered the standards even with the war. Yes, I know the flyer says 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. but I’ll be darned if I know a single Auror who leaves the building before 10 p.m., even on Friday. It’s positively buzzing here at midnight most days, especially after those Muggleborn killings last week.

Crouch is a war hawk and real stick-in-the-mud, everyone says, but no one can deny that he’s the best head the Department has seen in a while. He’s on the fast track to Minister, they say, even if I hear Moody calls him Mustachioed Menace behind his back. Then you’ve got Scrimgeour and Robards—no political ambitions at all. Really. None. Hate the spotlight. But they’re like a pair of krups. Once they get their teeth in something, they never let go. Did you hear about the murder of that Muggleborn girl in Swansea? They solved it and gave Crouch the credit. That’s Hufflepuff spirit for you. Of course, Frank and Alice Longbottom are the ones I like the most. Head Boy and Girl way back when, particular favorites of Dumbledore, and just plain brilliant. I’ve never seen a team work off each other better than they do.

And then they took that new kid this year—the only one. Yes, they’re particular, I said earlier! Who knows if he’ll stick around, though. Excuse my bluntness, but they’re dropping like flies these days and it’s rather scary. His name? I don’t remember. I think it’s Kingsley. Kingsley Shackle-something.

part 1 of ??? on the ministry of magic

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